Current Weather Conditions in Kona, Hawaii

If you are interested in booking a memorable holiday in one of our SunQuest properties, the chances are high that you want to keep an eye on the weather in Kona. If you enjoy temperatures that rest comfortably in the mid-80s, with hours of sunshine, then you need to book your tickets now and come to the big island and immerse yourself in all that Hawaii has to offer!

If anything, the temperatures are incredibly consistent. The average high temperature varies about five degrees total throughout the year. In January, the high temperature averages about 82 degrees and in September, the average at 87 degrees.

For lower temperatures, it is ideal to travel during February as it has the lowest average temperature of 66 degrees while July, August and September have a low average of 73 degrees.

Worried that it might rain? The chances are that you are still to be able to enjoy your stay in a big island vacation rental! December and January are the months that, on average, produce the most rain with less than two inches throughout the season. June and July are the least rainy months with an average of about a half an inch of rain each month.

Three Tips for Enjoying The Kona Sun

When you visit Kona, the chances are high that you are going to make the most of your stay by soaking up the sun, but with all of that sunshine, here are a few things to remember:

Drink Water- The chances are that you are probably going to be pretty active. It can get hot during the day so it is important to stay hydrated.

Use Sunscreen- it is a common sight to see people on the beach turning from light pink to a painful red. By the next day, they are miserable. The cool beach breezes can give you the illusion that it is not too hot and that you won't get burned. Purchase a sunscreen with a good SPF and use it as often and as liberally as possible.

Wear A Hat - You always see people with the big floppy hats sitting by the pool and you automatically think -TOURIST! While the look may scream out the fact that you're a visitor to the Big Island, from a functionality standpoint it makes a lot of sense. The hat will keep you cooler and provide an additional layer of protection to your head and face.